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it's me Flip Flops

"Back to the Nature" is not merely a slogan with an empty promise. We present you the 100% natural rubber flip flops. In Thailand, the juice of the rubber tree is harvested and then refined into natural rubber. The tree is not harmed by harvesting, much like when people donate blood.

Traditional flip flops are produced from PVC and other plastics. In order to make these materials flexible, chemical softeners are often used. According to ecological studies, these softeners can cause kidney and liver damage.

Advantages of natural rubber flip flops are:

+ very flexible / bendable
+ slip resistant (even on wet floors)
+ biodegradable
+ outstanding breathability
+ adapts perfectly to the foot
   (the natural rubber and your feet will become one)
+ 100% anti-bacterial
+ natural rubber never turns hard or brittle
+ shock-absorbing

Comfortable, affordable and of high quality. These stylish flip flops are available in 8 different designs and all of them 100% natural.